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"I received our FlockFiler software on Saturday and love it! I've been looking around for something that works for our small hobby farm and this fits the bill. It's wonderful to see their pedigrees fall into place."
Liz Swanson, Short and Sweet Sheep Farm,
South Windsor, CT

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Better Sheep Record Management Using FlockFiler

FlockFiler is a computer database for keeping health, management, and breeding records of sheep.

FlockFiler Lite is suitable for any shepherd and for flocks of any size. Learn more
     FlockFiler Lite 2.1.2 is now available (May 31, 2014).

FlockFiler Pro is much more comprehensive than Lite. The Pro version adds features to help you analyze and optimize your operation. Learn more.
     FlockFiler Pro 1.1.2 is now available (May 31, 2014).

FlockFiler is ...


FlockFiler puts your information at your fingertips. Easily browse, enter, and search for your information all from the same screen. (See screenshots and videos.)


Store a wide variety of information about your sheep. Search on anything that you type in and in any combination. The pedigree is calculated and displayed automatically. FlockFiler has full import and export capability of all information.


FlockFiler Lite $49.95 (USD).

FlockFiler Pro $245.95 (USD)
to upgrade from FlockFiler Lite.


Download and use FlockFiler immediately.
Supports Windows and Macintosh natively.
Test drive the full demo before you buy.



Basic Form
Learn more about FlockFiler Lite.

FlockFiler.com has been selected as one of the "Gems of the Internet" on G4TV. Featured on a national US cable network broadcast (June 27, 2005), it is the only sheep software website to receive this honor.

FlockFiler Lite and FlockFiler Pro are products of Cosmic Consulting.
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